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日本食レシピを動画で学べる・楽しめるアプリ「いらっしゃいYum Japan」。

"Irassyai Yum Japan" is an application where you can learn and enjoy Japanese recipes. In this application, there are several Japanese recipes. You can use this application as if you are in a Japanese restaurant ordering from a menu. In addition, it includes various topics not only Japanese food! Such contents are "How to get soup stock", "Japanese food seasoning", "The stylish way of ordering in a shop" and "the proper use of chopsticks" are here! If you want to become an excellent "Japanese food freak", you must get this application!

We recommend this to people who are;

  • 日本食に興味あり!どんな料理があるの?
  • Interested in Japanese food and wondering what kind of dishes there are?
  • 日本に旅行の予定だけど、お店での注文の仕方やマナーにドキドキ。
  • Going to travel in Japan and would like to know the eating culture as well as the manner of ordering in a restaurant.
  • 日本に旅行したときに食べたあの料理を作ってみたい!
  • Want to cook the dish what you had in Japan (But It's hard to come up with the recipes)
  • 話題のヘルシーな日本食を作ってみたい。
  • Want to cook healthy Japanese food.
  • 家族や友人に日本食を作って"OMOTENASHI"したい。
  • Want to show "OMOTENASHI" to your family or friend while preparing Japanese food.

Main function

  • 料理名や材料からのレシピ検索
  • Recipe search from the dish name and ingredients.
  • 気になるレシピを"お気に入り登録"
  • "Favorite registration" that you like.
  • 人気レシピのランキング表示
  • Ranking of popular recipe.